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RDA has been the Agency of Record for Sony’s Professional & Broadcast Divisions since the last century. Over the years, we have been involved with the launches of everything from HD to 3D to 4K. In an industry that is always looking for the hot new company, we have helped Sony fend off competitors and maintain its powerhouse status.

Making an impact with marketing programs

Sony competes in many pro categories including Broadcast, Movie Production, Medical, Security, Government, Education, and Faith. With so many categories, new products and services are constantly launching. In support of these launches, we do everything from identifying the competitive positioning to creating marketing support and advertising to developing an online presence and designing trade show exhibits.

Crafting engaging online experiences

The professional consumer is quite different than your typical audience. To engage them, you need a special approach. That’s exactly what we did when we redesigned Sony’s Digital Motion Picture Cameras website. While packed with useful content, it felt cluttered and the multi-level nested navigation made it hard to navigate.

We completely rethought the information architecture, simplified the user flow to help consumers sort through options and assist with their decision making. A major strategy for the redesign was to focus on visuals that told the story of the much sought-after Sony cameras in an engaging way.

As part of the content strategy we created Camera Diaries for each camera where real stories of filmmakers helped sell the camera without “selling.” We also instituted a “mosaic wall” layout that teased multiple content pieces for each camera and linked out to corresponding videos and articles.

Sony comes to life with experiential marketing

NAB is the biggest industry trade show for professional tech companies. Every year we work with Sony to put on an eye-popping display that gets attention. From developing the theme to creating an extensive range of exhibit materials to designing giant billboards and interactive experiences, we bring Sony’s vision to life year after year.

Product Identity
Marketing Collateral
Website/Digital marketing
Trade Show Materials
Product Photography
B2C / B2B Marketing
Style Guides
Promo and Demo Videos

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