Cooking up a new restaurant concept from scratch

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Chef Pino Luongo helped shape New York’s Italian dining scene with restaurants including Le Madri, Mad 61, Coco Pazzo, Tuscan Square, and Centolire. Looking to open a new establishment influenced by the Tuscan dishes he grew up eating, Chef Pino came to RDA to create a look and feel that is every bit as appealing as the items on the menu.

Creating a fresh look and feel

Just as the restaurant puts a contemporary spin on classic Italian dishes, we put a fresh twist on a classic look. Since the menu takes inspiration from dishes from the ‘60s, we based our look on Pop Art and remixed the colors and imagery to lend a modern, Italian feel. We call it Warhol by way of Fellini.

Producing original content & marketing materials

Once we designed the restaurant, we built the world around it to get the word out. We created the website, shot promotional videos, built digital templates for email blasts and established a social media presence.

Designing an inviting atmosphere

Like the homestyle feel of the dishes, we wanted to design a space were people felt comfortable and relaxed. Menus are short and vibrant to keep conversations flowing. We filled the walls with bold, bright posters and emblazoned with cheeky one-liners like “Silence is golden when the mouth is full” and “Eat, drink & be Morso.” It’s an atmosphere that diners love and one that fits Chef Pino’s colorful personality perfectly.

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