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Authentic Italy

Creating a modern identity for a bespoke travel agency.

Positioning • Brand Strategy • Digital Experience • Social Media Strategy

Authentic Italy Travel is an NYC-based boutique travel agency that creates custom high-end travel programs across Italy. While they provided a premier service, their brand experience did not reflect the depth and richness of their offering. That’s where we come in.

Carving out a place in the market

The travel industry is a crowded space. In order to position Authentic Italy favorably for the long term, we began by assessing their unique proposition and measuring where it stacks against the competition. We then conducted workshops and collaborated with stakeholders to hone in on what truly sets the brand apart. We discovered that no one else in the market possessed Authentic Italy’s deep connection to each region’s culinary scene. Linking bespoke travel with Italian cuisine, we arrived at the brand’s positioning: Italy, to your taste.

Developing a delicious tagline

Authentic Italy’s proposition is unique: they’re a travel agency that focuses on cuisine as a gateway to culture. As part of the look and feel development, we created a tagline that captured their one-of-a-kind offering: Guided by the Bite.

Ciao Website

The new website meets the expectations of modern travelers. Easy to navigate and use, it’s clean, attractive, and accessible on desktop or mobile.

20 Regions, 20 Stories

There’s a saying in Italy that goes like this: Ask 20 Italians what their idea of Italy is and you’ll get 20 different answers. Essentially, this means that Italy is a collection of 20 distinct regions, rather than just one country. To highlight Authentic Italy’s regional focus, we created longform travel stories for select regions that allowed readers to daydream about their own travels.

Reaching a younger audience on social media

Looking to grow our audience and attract a younger demographic, we established a social presence for Authentic Italy and developed rich, engaging content on Instagram that is gaining momentum for the brand.


Brand Strategy

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Social Media Strategy

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